Happy Customers and Happy Candidates….

Happy Global HR Director…..
“Kerry is the ultimate finder of needles in haystacks…. she has filled some of the most troublesome positions for me; difficult to find skill-sets in remote far-flung places, she is a fantastic advocate for my company, ensuring great cultural fit with candidates and our brand values. I cannot recommend her highly enough!. Plus she has great energy, is professional and fun to work with.”

Happy Hiring Manager at AppSense…..
“I had the pleasure of working alongside Kerry at All About The Brand for nearly two years. She is as capable as anyone I know of establishing and building long lasting relationships with hiring managers and candidates. She has succeeded in recruiting top talent for my company; always delivering candidates with our very specific skill set requirements. Consistently being driven, professional and a capable leader, I would strongly recommend Kerry and All About The Brand as a business partner in any capacity!”

Happy Customer and Supplier…..
“I have worked with Nick as both a client of Involution and to provide marketing support and in all circumstance have found him to be proactive and have business acumen second to none. Nick has always provided accurate briefs that are consistently goal and profit orientated. A great strategists and implementer, Nick adds value in any aspect of marketing, communication and business planning.”

And some very happy candidates too….

“Kerry is an experienced and driven Recruiter who was instrumental in helping me secure a fantastic new job. Her personal approach and guidance/advice was of great help to me and she invested herself fully into my application throughout the interviewing stages. Kerry knew her client inside and out and had significant market knowledge which helped illustrate the opportunity that bit better during our early conversations.” – Senior Talent Acquisition Partner – UK

“All About The Brand – Or Maybe All About You 🙂 Working with Kerry was wonderful. Her friendly professional demeanor a true delight!  Kerry didn’t just help me get a job, she helped me further my career. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again” – IT Support Technician Sunnyvale

“It has been nothing short of a pleasure. I have worked with at least 5 other recruiters, what made you so pleasurable to work with was your dedication to follow up. I can not be more appreciative of your consistency and honesty. I would recommend you to anyone looking to pursue a position with you. Individually you are a pleasure and your work is truly skillful. Thank you for everything I am extremely satisfied” – Lead Development Representative in NYC

And and accolade from LinkedIn….

“Working with Kerry is a genuine pleasure. She’s thoughtful, collaborative in her approach and brings a huge level of fun energy to every engagement. Over the past year, Kerry has worked to establish a clear vision for how her organization can translate the potential of social media into true business value working effortlessly with cross functional and global teams to deliver results. As a consequence of Kerry’s success in this area, she’s gone on to speak at industry “social recruiting” events for us around her learning’s which resulted in a huge level of great feedback from attendees. Beyond her quality of work, I’ve also found Kerry to be a really lovely person with the kindest of intentions so it is a privilege knowing her.” – Daniel Sanchez-Grant, Sales Manager Enterprise Relationship Management